Monday, October 20, 2014

ANS Clearmax clears cloudy water in planted aquarium

One of our planted aquariums is experiencing cloudy water yesterday. There are many reasons that lead to cloudy water. In this scenario, dead plants or fishes were not removed from the tank.

We did no water change. Instead we introduce ANS Clearmax to the aquarium. ANS Clearmax is a simple to use filter media suitable for freshwater, planted and marine aquarium. It clears cloudy water and improves tank conditions immediately by removing nitrate, ammonia and toxins in the water.

Wash ANS Clearmax with tap water before placing it into filter compartment, this activates it to start absorbing any toxic, ammonia and nitrates.

After 18 hours, our planted aquarium clears up. Crystal clear water is observed

We find this method safest and most effective. Too much water change may kill sensitive livestock like shrimps and cloudy water may still happen after 2 – 3 days. Adding beneficial bacteria clears up the water but it will take time to do so. ANS Clearmax does not harm sensitive livestock and also clears up water within hours. Effectiveness last for 1 month. Changing every month helps to maintain crystal clear water and healthy water condition in your aquarium.

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